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About Kids Jungle .

Kids Jungle provides your children with a special, secure, entertaining, and engaging play experience as well as the comfort and peace of mind you want when selecting the best play-care.

Give your children the space they need to develop their imaginations and imitate their favorite animals, whether it’s a lion, a tiger, an elephant, or a jumpy, cheeky chimp, so they may experience the true adventure of the jungle. Our qualified staff is well-trained to provide safe and instructive activities to the children in a delightful, caring, and engaging setting, and we have separate toddler and children’s play spaces.

Testimonials .

Absolutely love this place. Very professional staff and caring, my daughter enjoys going there and I as a mother I’m very comfortable taking her there for all the safety measures taken starting from the playing area to the healthy environment they secure.
Dana Ashkar
Founder & CEO
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It’s wonderful place very safe and fun We didn’t have such in silicon. The staff are lovely and friendly and caring, so much variety of activities for different age. Congratulation for the first successful year and many more . Well done kids Jungel.
Rose Moussa El Sisi
Founder & CEO
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We love having kids jungle right in our neighborhood! Great way to beat the heat and sandstorms . The staff are wonderful and keep careful watch over all the little ones which we especially love. Keep up the great work!
Jen MacFarlane
Founder & CEO